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More Than Just Rates

Who are We?

We are a team of dedicated Mortgage Consultants. You can count on us to walk with you as you embark on your property journey, be it your first home or properties for investment. We are also qualified financial consultants. You can rest assure that you are receiving the best possible advice every step of the way.


To be the pre-eminent trusted mortgage solutions provider that our clients will return to time and again for their mortgage needs.


With Bedrock Mortgage, it is not just about comparing loan rates. We review our clients’ needs, analyse their situation and recommend the most suitable mortgage solution. We believe every person is unique and deserves to be given bespoke service.

Overview of Services

Residential Property Home Loan

Commercial & Industrial Property Loan

Home Construction Loan

Bridging Loan

International Home Loan

Equity Loan

Loan Eligibility Check

Cost Management

With Bedrock Mortgage it’s much more than just rates!

Property Loans

Property Loans

We work with the banks to provide you the most suitable property loan package at the most competitive rates. From residential home loans, commercial property loans, bridging loans, to equity loans, we have all you need.

Loan Eligibility Check

Loan Eligibility Check

We will ensure that the proposed mortgage is affordable and that you would not be over-stretched. Our vast network of banking and loan partners ensures that there would always be a suitable solution for you.

Refinance Monitoring

Refinance Monitoring

Afraid of missing out on the best prevailing interest rate? Rest assure that we will keep up with your lock-in period and return to you to refinance your mortgage. This ensures that you will always be enjoying the best available rates throughout the duration of your property loan tenure.

Financial Health Examination

Financial Health Examination

Our Mortgage Specialists are also fully qualified Financial Consultants. We will ensure that the other areas of your finance are in good order when you take on the mortgage debt. Let us help you ensure that your other financial goals can still be reached.

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